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Founded in 1845 in Saverne, Alsace, the brewery is proud of its home town, its heritage and about the purity of the ingredients it uses for their beers. Our brand logo, the Unicorn ("Licorne") is synonymous with purity, strength and independence. The unicorn became the emblem of the town of Saverne in the 16th century. Legend has it, that the unicorn dipped its horn in Saverne water to save a young girl lost in the forest without food or water. Since this magical encounter, the water has been clear and pure, ideal for making beer. Our Licorne Elsass is brewed exclusively with ingredients from Alsace. The barely grows to perfection and when roasted, promotes the beers fermentation which is key to the unique flavor of our beer. Then we source only the finest hops grown all along the Alsatian landscape. The French native hop variety delivers a fine and balanced bitterness for a thirst-quenching beer. Enjoy a sip of magic - Une Recette Alsacienne, Santé !


Licorne Elsass

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